Affinity Community is a free and open version of the Affinity Learning Platform, designed for knowledge sharing in healthcare. Users can build learning modules based on real experiences, and publish them to be used freely by the entire community. Modules can be easily distributed via sharable links, which can be used to provide access to students or shared within networks on social media sites.

We are currently in a pilot phase, and are seeking clinicians, instructors, and researchers who are interested in creating learning modules on Affinity Community. All content created on the community platform is licensed under Creative Commons. Authors and their associated institutions are always clearly credited for their contributions.

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Example Contributions

Two learning modules built by the community so far.


Mrs. Camilla Bleu

Severe maternal illness in suspected or confirmed COVD-19 obstetrical patient.

Authors: Olivia Monton, Rea Konci, Luis Monton; Reviewed by: Paul Wieczorek, Haim Abenhaim

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Donning and Doffing Case

Practices and procedures associated with personal protective equipment, including donning and doffing.

Authors: Olivia Monton

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